This looks interesting: Manyverse, and app for . I installed it and it's pretty polished. But I haven't figured out how to connect to any pub server. I'm still in 2 minds about personally.

I can suggest you to connect to a Desktop client on local network, from there you can connect to pub



What are your 2 minds?

What's your handle in SSB? I'm in the "old" network, but connected to these people who came in from manyverse.

@syndikalista and @neil are you still out there?

What pub did you use?

@bhaugen @ebel @neil I am still on Patchwork/SSB, still using foxbadger as my public handle. I am connected via and 2 or 3 more pub servers. but i had not that much time the last days for exploring the scuttleverse.

Manyverse is due to waiting for a different phone with more storage.

@ebel Just to let you know #Manyverse is still in Beta!

Patchwork is a stable client that is the easiest to get started with.

i'm having the exact same problem

if i find out how to fix it i'll let you know

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