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“So what did you do on holidays in Australia?”

me: “umm... usual touristy things...”

#OpenStreetMap #OSM #mapping #ImANormalPerson

Gender is a performance, and I'm taking performance enhancing drugs.

me: *gesturing vaguely towards your gender* I love what you've done with the place

Do you want to Ask the #OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Anything? We're running a panel Q&A discussion at State of the Map (@sotm) in a few weeks.
More details here (& how to ask a Q):

Are you anyway artistic, or creative? Here's a way to show off some work to the wider OpenStreetMap community! Submit a poster!


1Day until the deadline for #StateoftheMap2022 CALL FOR POSTERS!

Submit yours now!

More info:

#StateoftheMap #SotM2022 #SotM


So many cis(het) ladies have such a bad understanding of gender, don't they?

cis people will literally call a car “she”, then claim that pronouns are about biological reality.

me in the past, and closet: Shopping online is much easier cause it's too scary to shop in person.

me, now not giving a shit: Shopping in shops is much better because you can try things on and check it looks good.

Currently using FastPhotoTagger to copy GPS exif tags from a collage photo based on own of the source photos, so that the metadata will be correct so that it will be sorted and displayed properly along with all my photos

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Trying to figure out how to update exif metadata on photos on my phone

Of course I bought the queer cider

Natürlich habe ich den queeren Apfelwein gekauft

I remember looking down at a sysadmin I knew who would blame things on “system weirdness”.

Pfft, ”computers are logical” I thought, “figure it out, do you job!”

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Today is a day for “eh?! why does that script not work?”, *run a few times* “oh now it's magically working again”

Open Social Media at OpenStreetMap:
The OSMF is pleased to financially support the mastodon service (It's like twitter but on open internet protocols)

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