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I need something wholesome, so I'm starting the next book I have ob my list... The Shepard's Crown...

“I should be able to mute America” 👍🏻😂🤔

One Australian’s rant about how us on the internet cannot hold back against American cultural influences.

In case you missed it, the @openstreetmap mastodon account is working again (it just mirrors what's posted on twitter)


*takes huge bong rip* ESR claimed the glider from Conway's game of life as an emblem for his interpretation of culture because it inexorably moves to the right

I'll need a bicycle when I'm on holidays in few weeks and I'm tempted to try out a folding bike.

I've been typing into a shell for ~20 years, and only now will I start doing `… | sort -u` rather than `… | sort | uniq`

The strength we're taught to admire.
The strength we should admire too.

Apparently „misgegendert“ is a word you can say in 😂😜


Let's celebrate the largest and only PRIDE mapping campaign in the WORLD!

Together with RainbOSM, the , Gabay sa Pulang Laso Inc. and, we planned a month long celebration of events and activities for you! 🌈

Open to all OpenStreetMap contributors!


current biggest PITA is figuring out how to make this + into a Progressive Web App (PWA). Apparently you need to serve it over HTTPS? (which I understand, but it's a PITA for local dev)

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Does mastodon have a way to do a full text search your own toots yet???!? 😭😂

Nothing special, just a little utility I want for myself, and JS+HTML+CSS does enough that I want.

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OK time to try some JavaScript hacking, and making an offline JS/HTML web app.



Check out our latest blog announcing the #StateoftheMap2022 tickets and first look at the program!

PS. Early bird tickets closes 1 July or until supply lasts, so hurry!!

Is there any duckduckgo (or similar quick reference) for a specific webserver directive?

e.g. I want to see the syntax for `SetEnvIf` as quick as possible. Is there a site for that?

Is there any name for the percent encoding format you see in unix stuff? It's used everywhere, like printf's %d, Python's % string formatting (%s), and apache log formats, date(1) format etc etc...

¹ “transgender woman” is just a simplification I'm using for The Cis™

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me, at the hair removal place: “Hi, I'm a transgender woman¹, I'm here about beard hair removal”

clinic worker: “OK, can you tell us more about your goals and what you want”

me: …

me: “… coz I'm trans … and beard?”


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