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There are several tools to compress & optimize images without losing details (e.g. `optipng`/`pngcrush`/`zopflipng`/`pngquant` for png images).

Is there anything for videos?

I don't want something too complicated, but I have a 4MB .mp4 meme, and I wanna make it smaller.

When the royal family said they were gonna be less racst, I didn't expect them to take such drastic measures

I need to get some greeting cards (e.g. a pack of generic-y Happy Birthday, or Get Well Soon cards). But I want to get something either in Irish (where I'm from) or German (where I live).

Ideally I want to support a good charity, rather than just buying something from amazon...

Maybe u should take a long break from drinking. I'm finding that I'm getting pretty hard hangovers when I drink. And lately I've been feeling fantastic in general, so the gap is very noticeable

I do like the trend of people making new versions of important tools, but being much more aware of modern /#ux and making these tools _good_.

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What's everyone using as a PAGER on now-a-days? `less(1)` is still the default on many systems I use, but I've sometimes uses `most(1)`.

Is there some fancy-pants modern based pager or anything now?


And while we are on the topic of updates: just updated the #openstreetmap stats here seems as if March 2021 with over 54'000 active contributors broke the previous record of 53'000 from January 2017


In the end, I have just used Google drive to store a backup and restore to the new hardware. It has downsides, but I'd rather do that then lose my chat history. C'est la vie

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I joked about this to a fellow #OSMF Board member. He pointed out that no-one ever told him it would be fun. ๐Ÿคฃ #xp

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Join the #OpenStreetMap Foundation Board, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.

You get to spend your Sundays reading the 1,200 page PDF of the UK Companies Act.

The #OpenStreetMap mappers have correctly mapped (in #OSM) where the #EverGiven ship is stuck in the #Suez canal.

#xp @OpenStreetMap

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