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The Call for Participation is officially open!
Learn more about the tracks and the submission requirements ➡
❗ Deadline for talks and workshops 4 April 2021 23:59:59 UTC
❗ Deadline for panel submissions 6 June 2021 23:59:59 UTC
#SotM #SotM2021


Running git 2.28 or later? Take 10 seconds and enter the following into your terminal to set the default branch in new projects to main not master:

git config --global init.defaultBranch main

Actions matter more than words. So here’s a simple action you can take to show that you care.

What are you doing on #StPatricksDay2021, March 17th ? Why not join us #osmIRL members for #MapPatrick mapping the 75 places in Ireland named after the patron saint of Ireland

#OpenStreetMap #OSM @OpenStreetMap

Hmmm. Still waiting for my . Their email said it expects to ship in the next week. But I want my new toy! 🙂

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Yes #OpenStreetMap changeset count isn't totally a relevant figure, but it's still fun.

Let us have our fun! 😛 #xp


100 Million Edits to OpenStreetMap! The collective contribution of nearly 1 billion features globally over 16 years, by over 1.5 million mappers. Changeset 100,000,000 was uploaded by user Lamine Ndiaye, adding buildings in Nianiane, Sénégal.


( events require every person in a photograph consents to the photo before you take it. So although there were ~5,000 attendees, any photos/videos you see will appear empty.)

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I had a fantastic time at my first camp in Germany in Aug 2019 ( I eagerly booked tickets for in England for 2020. Cancelled cause of obviously. in the Netherlands has been cancelled too. 😢

”TikTok is introducing Americans to a question that Europeans have struggled with for 20 years: a lot of your citizens might use an Internet platform created somewhere that doesn’t know or care about your laws or cultural attitudes and won’t turn up to a committee hearing.”

#privacy #TikTok #tech

Sometime in the next ~10hr, the 100,000,000th changeset will be added to #OpenStreetMap!

Follow the edits

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