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"Science will fix everything, don't worry about systematic oppression" โ‰ˆ "free software will fix everything, don't worry about systematic oppression"

[EN] ๓ €๓ ฅ๓ ฎI haven't done much cycling lately, due to Corona, but it'll be fun to do this.๓ €๓ ฟ
[DE] ๓ €๓ ค๓ ฅNeulich, hab ich nicht zu viel radgefahrt, wegen Corona. aber diese Tour soll SpaรŸ sein๓ €๓ ฟ

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[EN] ๓ €๓ ฅ๓ ฎI'm preparing for a ~5 day tour next week. We're cycling along the river Main.๓ €๓ ฟ
[DE] ๓ €๓ ค๓ ฅIch bereite mich fรผr ein ~5 Tag nรคchste Woche vor. Wir fahren entlang der Main.๓ €๓ ฟ

Github is AO3 but for code.

I made JavaScript and Python kiss teehee
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I need presents for my friends. What's your favorite queer/anarchist/antifa Etsy or DIY store?
I like this store for DIY embroidery patches:

There's an international standard for bicycle tyre sizes ( ISO 5775 ). Now I can figure out what the numbers mean.

A website for making a map (from #OpenStreetMap ofc) for your protest or demonstration

/via @tunda

I like heaptrack's `--diff` option, to compare the results with a previously saved file. it's a quick, easy & nice way to be informed of your progress as you're refactoring

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Oh Heaptrack is a nice programme to measure & analyze heap memory access of a programme. Works nicely & easily with code.
I'm finding it quite easily to reduce memory allocations in my code.

I had mild RSI, so I use an ergonomic mouse, and switch mouse hands, so I'm not great doing things with a GUI and prefer TUI (Text user interface like commmand line), which is why I love text formats for making diagrams

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My hope of that someday Google Maps switches to use #OpenStreetMap data. We'll get there eventually #xp

I love tool that create diagrams from a text markup. I love PlantUML ( ) and the tools listed here ( ).

We need more tools like that!

Sometime I should give a try to build a web app in . I used to do a lot of . But I'm doing my coding in Rust now.

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