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This Moscow Mule tastes nice. Shame I couldn't find any ginger beer, and had to use ginger ale

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There are many things I hate in this world, and the US "cups" system of measurement for cooking is like 4 of them

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This weekend's #map from #OpenStreetMap data. In Ireland & Britain, are you nearer to a Catholic (green) or Protestant (orange) Church?

I'm really like using Makefiles for this project, but I just _wish_ it had better and more complicated pattern matching in filenames. Where I can put params inside the filename and it can build dependencies with that param

instead there's only one: %

I am playing around with gdal, and I really prefer command line scripts to GUI tools like qgis. I just really hate repeating myself, so I like that a script can record everything and I can just replay it again and again.

hey! quick reminder for multi-word #HashTags - use CamelCase (ie. capitalizing the first letter of each word) to help screenreaders read them properly


But just because I've used git for ages doesn't mean I'm smarter than others. I don't want to do the geeky dudebro arragance

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oh god, overpass can you please just add geojson export format

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