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Jedes Mal was Neues in Formularen mit Geschlechtsmerkmalen ๐Ÿคจ

New years resolutions for woke cis het men who are comfortable with their pronouns:

1. Put them in your bio
2. Put them in your email signature at work
3. Wear a pronoun badge

What could be manlier than LITERALLY labelling yourself as a "he" man?

Recently I was in England, and I made sure to get some fish & chips. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Neulich, ich war in England, und hat leckeres Fish and chips gegessen. ๐Ÿ˜‹

When you weren't able to go to this year, but then your friends send you this sweet postcard that arrives on a day when you're feeling down.


#Facebook has released more of their computer vision road detection results for nearly all countries for """"import"""" into #OpenStreetMap

And the data is bad.

Allyship in 2019 

The amazing thing about character limits? It forces people to do silly things like screenshot text instead of quoting it, reducing accessibility and increasing the size of posts.

I could make a point about this being ecologically unethical but I'm not sure I could back that up. I just hate character limits.

I have the (unsubstantiated) feeling that journals are gifted way more often to girls than to boys, and that this is a contributing factor in the emotional illiteracy of men.

Web 1.0 was - ideologically - the most healthy model for the internet we have ever seen, as it was decentralized and far less constrained by the jaws of capitalism.

Web 1.0 was a glimpse into a sustainable, communal, anarchist internet that was promptly crushed by capitalism.

I have checked my RSS reader in about a week, and I just accidentally marked all as read.

So I might have missed something, but eh

It's 2020, we live in an age of surveillance capitalism. You should not upload photos to social networks without blurring/pixelating people's faces.

I like how fast, snappy & responsive gThumb is. It uses scroll wheel to go through images.

I don't like that I can't easily save a copy of a photo, nor pixelate part of photos

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