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A thing I am running now:
while true ; do fsck --yes /dev/blah && mount /dev/blah && break ; done

Granny Weatherwax said "Sin beings when you treat people as objects", and I wonder if the corollary also holds, isn't it bad to treat objects as people?

We're a ticket short for #36c3 and I'm wondering whether a comrade here might have gotten an extra one just in case. That would help a lot!

boosts appreciated <3

Unfortunately I won't be at #36c3, but I will organise a friend to bring a while pile of #OpenStreetMap stickers! ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œSocial Justice Warriorโ€ is a term bigots use to insult. _But_ it's kinda descriptive! Anyone that bigots call that is probably very similar to my political views.

But is there another term I can use to describe myself so other's'll know where I stand?

Your periodic reminder that the "they must be secretly queer themselves" response to anti-queer hate or violence is just one of many methods used by the straights to blame us for violence committed against us

Sometimes a bigot is just a bigot

reminder that women are violently kept out of tech and if you are a dude in tech you should be doing something about that

- pay us
- don't support projects run by shitbags
- invite us to speak
- call out other dudes not doing those first three things

I need me some good hacker slogans

โ€œNolite te bastardes carborundorumโ€ is a great slogan. Things like that.

Politics, Chagos Islands, .io domains 

According to the BBC [] the UK was given six months by the UN to end the illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands. The UK has wilfully ignored this deadline. Families forcibly removed from the Islands still cannot return.

The .io TLD refers to the British Indian Ocean Territories, specifically these islands. If you're using a .io domain, you are paying to support this occupation. Please consider switching to a different TLD.

"Dating tip: if a guy tells you heโ€™s not very political, heโ€™s conservative but has learned that wonโ€™t get him laid"

We ran an informal poll of #OpenStreetMap people on several #Telegram channels to determine their **primary** navigation/mapping app that consumes OSM data. It's very likely that some people are using multiple apps, but the poll only asked them to choose one.

Impossible to mention all apps that but the popular apps were:
* OsmAnd 58% - both official and the #FDroid version
* Maps.Me 35% - including the fork on #FDroid called "Maps"
and a sprinkling of votes for #MagicEarth, #Mapy #LocusMaps

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All #OpenStreetMap / #OSMF members are still able to ask board candidates any questions they want. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have any questions for me as a candidate, please feel free to ask.


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I'm slowly working on my manifesto for the #OSMF election, and writing my answers to the suggestion questions. I'll let yous know when it's done

Something happened with my twitter android app (Twidere) and now it doesn't show anything. Maybe I need to log in again. Anyway, no twitter on mobile now. Maybe more fediposts!

Technically it's more that every time I try to do something to fix something, it only makes things worse

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