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I think I'll just stick to PostgreSQL. I'm pretty good at that, it's pretty powerful and I know how to do many of these things I want to do. I have to use PostgreSQL for my process anyway.

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y'know, I can do this all in SQL, maybe I should just use that. Or something like R (which I'd have to learn then...)

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OK fine, I'm trying to learn to turn CSV files into graphs. It's mostly going pretty well.

I have a CSV with "date" and "delta", and I can make a graph of cumulative change in this feature (๐Ÿ™Œ). But cripes, how can I make "sum of all the things added per week" as another chart??

OK my internet research has led me no-where. Torrent software is nearly entirely based around desktop apps for downloading things.

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One thing I like about is how it's decentralized. I don't have to set up a central server to do things. All the peers in a swarm are equal and can be the 'server'

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There's programmes to serve a directory over HTTP. I wonder is there one which serves a directory over ? Initial run scans the directory to generate a torrent file, and print out the magnet link

Could be a useful way to copy large files between servers.

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BitTorrent is a useful protocol, it's a shame it's reputation has been tarnished, and also that most tools for dealing with it are graphical

โ€œLadies and Gentlemenโ€:
โ€ข boring
โ€ข gendered
โ€ข eww, class hierarchy

โ€œMy prettiesโ€œ:
โ€ข gender neutral
โ€ข makes audience feel pretty
โ€ข makes you sound like witch

Anyone know any of those 3rd party front ends which don't require to use? We have HTML5 video for years now, it should be possible, right? I just wanna look at videos, no-one sensible reads the comments anywya.

Seeing my changes on #openstreetmap little by little being uploaded to all cool #osm powered apps and services I know feels so, so motivating and rewarding.

Boy ain't open source a wonderful thing.

Time for a dance of inkscapeโ†’pdfโ†’svgโ†’svgo to get the type of SVG files I want

I have a light coloured terminal, and the amount of CLI apps which presume we're all using a black background is annoying. I can't read yellow on yellow!

(one problem with my suggestion: it excludes worker owners cooperatives, non profits, governments, government agencies etc etc, and do I want to exclude those organisations? ๐Ÿค” Mostly no, but how does one decide who is and isn't included? Writing a rule is complicated)

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What if I make some software, and I allow (under copyright law) any other human being to run it for any purpose, to study it's source, to improve it, and to share your improvements with any other human being.

(shareholder based capitalistic corporations not included)

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