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My http proxy is working, and it's working well! And now I can solve more complicated problems!

I'm kinda excited about, and liking, http proxies!

I program for over 20 years. I just closed some tabs from yesterday:

"how to create directory in python"
"concat lists python"
"load 2 models tensorflow"
"how set pythonpath"

and some others.

And yes. I have a masters degree in informatics.

You don't need to learn things that you rarely need & are just 1 duckduckgo away by heart. Knowing that they exist and what to search for is sufficient.

Important are the thing you cannot search. Concentrate on those.

#ImposterSyndrome #elitism

Hehe, thinking more generically, this is sorta like unix pipes, but for http requests. "Take the request, make this change, then pass it on to this place"

I have a http server & client, and I need the client to add another http header (`Accept-Encoding`) to all requests. But the only thing on the client I can change is the URL it calls. Is there any unix CLI app which'll just do this simple http proxy/modification?

"I know I'll just write a quick programme to proxy my http connections and add the header that I want".

Oh cripes, I forgot hyper's now gone weird with Futures and the like.

straight men will ramble for ten minutes about the hoppy taste of their craft beer but then get impatient if my gender requires more than a one-word explanation


in the past, it was common for people to write software for purposes other than helping tech companies monetize their users more effectively

#history #fact


A robust deep learning framework for turning PDFs into CSVs is deeply unsexy but would do more for journalism, democracy, and security than any facial recognition app.


I want to make a meme of โ€œThe Brits are at it againโ€, but in Irish, but correct!

I want to reverse engineer the 80s retro wave meme generator just so I can make a meme with accented characters. Anyone know anything about that?

"npm is not a benevolent institution. It cannot be one. The possibility of it being that ended the day its owner took VC funding instead of putting it into a foundation or some other form of community ownership. That decision turned npm into a financial instrument."

Although the fact that lots of queer stickers can only be gotten from events and conferences, in a sort of word of mouth thing, is kinda cool. Sort of an old school low tech limitation

Is there any repository of lots of queer sticker designs? So I could print them myself?

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