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If I've addressed a remote report, how (if at all) do I tell the original instance/reporter that I've addressed it? It's not at all clear what happens on my end.....

Rats! Looks like the cable on my headphones is going dodgy, and I need to get a new one.

Does anyone else find the documentation and guides on how to moderate a instance a bit lacking?

What do I do with reports? When I do an action on my instance, does that message the original (remote) reporter?

Fundamentally, this shows a big flaw with the neoliberal, individualist, "solution" to Facebook (etc) privacy violations.

It's just not possible to opt out of Facebook storing your personal data. From shadow profiles, to your friends adding info that includes you, it's no longer possible to withdraw consent for Facebook.

A non-technical friend doesn't use Facebook for privacy reasons (a perfectly legitimate approach IMO). The look on his face when I tried to explain about the shadow profile that FB almost certainly has on him....

Does anyone have a recommendation of a good book or book-like beginners resource to get my parents up to speed on transgender life and what related concepts are? They're supportive but very confused/ignorant, and they want to learn. Books are great, and we're happy to buy one, but it'd be nice to hear recs instead of just blindly buying one! Also desired for the book to be inclusive of nonbinary identities, because I married an enby, and my parents are again, supportive but very confused! <3

So obviously now is the time to attempt my first translation of a #OpenStreetMap wiki page into another language.

I love love love (which I can get lots of here), but cripes does it take an age and and a day to make

Today's experiment is Soda Bread! Might as well try the food of my people.

Worked out very good for a first attempt. Plus it's really since (and fast!) to make.

a-ha! Fixed. I had a server with 2 IP addresses, so I had 2 `[Address]` sections of the network conf. I needed to put `/32` after the spare one in order to stop systemd-network creating a /16 subnet and making a route for that

look, its quite simple. there is only one kind of working class person: white racist homophobic transphobic ableist men. this is a normal belief that i, a leftist, have

Hello, today I will be learning how does networking.

Because there's a problem I ~need~ want to solve

Dear Libre Lounge Listeners,

It appears many proprietary podcast aggregators can't handle both mp3 and ogg in the same feed, and lots of people say they can't listen to the show, which prevents them from becomming Free Software supporters.

So we're moving Ogg Vorbis to a new feed starting next week.

We'll announce again.

If you don't care which format, or prefer mp3, nothing to see/change/do.

I am trying to find a good screen reader and text to speech feature on GNU/Linux :gnu: :linux: just like the on that is built into MacOS :mac: .

I want to be able to highlight text on any application (e.g. word processor or website) and then click a short cut key to hear it read out to me.

I appreciate your suggestions.

#GNU #Linux #Accessibility #ScreenReader #TextToSpeech

"no ethical consumption under capitalism" is not "all consumption under capitalism is equally unethical"

I will never use cups when measuring ingredients cooking. It's just wrong! Use your weighing scales FFS!

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