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Really wish I knew more about to be able to manufacture this sort of thing myself. I don't think I have the time to learn.

Small electronic devices are part of our modern life. I'd be nice to be able to know how to jimmie a few things together.

Modern devices (at many ends of the spectrum) are not designed to be easy to open, to take apart. Plastic/metal cases which are snapped together.

It'd be nice if everything was repairable, was bodgeable.

What's the state of the art of "open source" hardware? "free software" hardware?

I want to buy a portable bluetooth speaker. Is there any that are "open source", where I could reflash the firmware? Easily upgrade/replace components? Something designed to be easy to disassemble? I probably won't reflash things, but I like the idea of "designed to be hacked"

There's a pervasive liberal myth that the powerful care, or even want to know, what we think. It's the same thought process behind sidewalk protests, because the thing that *really* causes change is witty slogans on posterboard

These things have *never* worked, yet people still believe that all we need is a few more signatures and a few more protestors and then they'll crack. Why should they?

The only language the ruling class speaks is force. If you don't make it more damaging for them to keep up than to relent to you, they won't give a fuck

CW: Sexual Assault 

Email thread about adding LGBTQIA(?) points to #OSM and how they should be tagged

[Imports] Fwd: `lgbtq=primary` ? | Re: Import of information and care points in Catalunya, Spain

#Geofabrik is joining #Wikipedia, & many others by blacking out their web site for a day to make people aware of the threat that #artikel13 of the planned #EU #copyright directive poses for #OpenStreetMap. #uploadfilter #SaveYourInternet

It's fucked up that "maybe some things should just exist to beneft society and not make money" is such a controversial idea.

People shouldn't be paid for their work so much as they should just be paid. Work has very little to do with it. If you value your fellow human, keep them alive and help them be someone who can help others.

Hello from your friendly neighborhood Scotch-Irish American lady! Yearly reminder for this day: If you see someone going on about Irish slaves, tell them to shut the fuck up. ๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ€

Maybe my German cultural integration test will include how to open a bottle of beer with another bottle of beer

#TodayILearned that if you have a server with git installed and SSH access, you can use as a remote for your repositories very simply:

$ mkdir repo.git && cd repo.git
$ git init --bare

$ git remote add myserver ssh://username@myserveraddress:/path/to/repo.git
$ git push -u origin master

I've shaved several yaks, and haven't gotten to try my new idea I had, and I'm still getting new and different errors!

It's that time of the year again. Where I look at my current side project and get stimied by geometric processing of polygons.
Feckless self intersections.

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