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I have been using Linux exclusively for 10+ years.
Today I found out cat(1) can number lines with the `-n` flag.
`cat -n file.txt`

People who think that there would be no scientists or "innovation" without capitalism seem to be living in some imaginary world where scientists get paid a lot. People become scientists *despite* capitalism. Capitalism tries to sabotage science at every turn.

On unix/linx we can use "sleep" to wait a specified number of seconds/min/etc. Is there an easy way to "sleep until this time"? or "sleep until this crontab entry would fire next"? (systemd timers might be useful here)

For me one of the best arguments for using #systemd are systemd haters, and one of the best arguments for using GPL/AGPL are GPLโ€“haters/Googleโ€ , and one of the best arguments for using the Code Of Conduct are a code of conduct haters.

Keep spreading your vitriol; thatโ€™s the best way to advocate against your cause.


I wanna bring back the term webmaster because now that I have a server running I can call myself webmistress and I'm all about that

What's your set up?

I want something always on, and can be accessed decently on my phone and from my desktop It's OK if it's a web browser site for desktop. I have a server w/ root so I can run something 24/7.

I am sorta using , but it's pretty ganky. Is there anything better?

#OpenStreetMap is a user-created detailed map of the entire world:

Like Wikipedia anyone can use or edit it, and the content is free and open. There are no ads or trackers either.

For apps, we would recommend OsmAnd for Android/iOS:

(OsmAnd is also available on @fdroidorg )

There's an English-speaking OSM community at who run a mirror of the OSM twitter at @openstreetmap

#AlternativesAtoZ #Maps #Mapping #DeleteGoogle

Pol, Venezuela, Orangeminihands 

RT @openstreetmap
The humble "node". A basic element of our map data. As of today we have >5โ€ฏ,000,โ€ฏ000,โ€ฏ000 of them! 

Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

I wish more FLOSS software's online manuals had everything in one big HTML page, rather than split it up. It's 2018, I can download a 500kB HTML page! And then I can use Control-F to search your docs!

english is 3 inebriated languages in a trench coat pretending to be one sober language

Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

We're using email+etherpad now. This group is relatively distributed, and we write things asynchronisly. If I write a thing, I don't know who has looked at it and thinks it's OK. If someone rewrites a section, how do they know if the others are OK with it? That's the problems I'd like software to help.

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