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The Internet Protocol, 1974: We have over 60.000 ports for applications to use

The Real Internet, 2018: Anything not sent on port 80 or 443 will *probably* break

Me: I prefer โ€œgayโ€ and would like you to refer to me that way.

Woman: I donโ€™t like using the word โ€œgayโ€. I call you homosexuals, because thatโ€™s what you are.

Me: Ok Helen.

Woman: My name is Joan.

Me: I prefer โ€œHelenโ€.


Brexit, Ireland, The Brits being at it again. 

It's fucked up that they make dogs be cops

Aha! You fan configure K9 client to do serverside IMAP searches. It searches only in current folder, but it is much better than what I was using before!

By web standards gmail is ancient. But I don't know if any email client has copied their UI yet. ๐Ÿ˜”

K9 is a bit of an annoying email client. Then again, I find nearly all email clients annoying. Is there something like Gmail, but open, where I can easily search all my email? I don't want to have to organise all my emails into folders and then download them all to my phone!

They say populism is on the rise, but the people they call "populists" have almost nothing in common with each other. They talk about Corbyn and Trump as if they're a part of the same movement. That's of course ridiculous. In fact the non-populists are much more of a unified movement than the populists. What we're witnessing isn't "the rise of populism", it's the decay of neoliberalism.

The Christmas and New Year message from President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins is fantastic. It's proof that some politicans can be good. He talks about the importance of international solidarity, of supporting vulnerable people in Ireland and globally. Miggidly Higgins is my President

It can be a difficult time of year. Not just the mindless consumerism but also having to appease otherwise objectionable relatives.

Also with CCC approaching there's the possibility that alt-righters might try to disrupt it like they tried with HOPE. So be ready to eject any troublemakers.

In our modern world, corporations have too much power, because they have money, and money buys things. If the community gets used to donating money itself, we can wean ourselves of corporate reliance!

Firefishy, a long time #OpenStreetMap mapper is trying to raise money to buy some scanned in maps of Namibia, to help #OSM mapping. Please consider donating!

Success! If I plug a USB sound card into my 7th Gen , it activates Voice View and will read books to me with a robot voice. ๐Ÿ™‚
The kindle has the text to speech software installed, it's just not clearly displayed.

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Congratulations to our newly elected board members Tobias Knerr and Joost Schouppe! Also big thanks to Peter Barth and Martijn van Exel who are both stepping down after serving 3 years on the board.

Mastodon is like the internet if the internet was run by people who thought the internet was a mistake

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