On , is it possible to silence the notifications from an app temporarily? i.e. โ€œDon't show any notification (or make a noise) for this app for 8 hrs?โ€

I need to keep my phone off silent today, but I don't want a chime every time I get an email/tweet/etc?

The @TOG_Dublin@twitter.com
is looking for a new place to be TOG 4.0! I haven't been down to TOG in years, but I had some great time in TOG 2.0

@emacsomancer @alexandria @brainblasted Wiktionary seems to be CC-BA-SA 3.0 judging from the footer of pages, so that's "open"/"free" in the GNU GPL sense (copyleft), but not "public domain" in the permissive licence/BSD sense.

Wiktionary seems to be written for it's own mark up, so you'd have to parse it yourself if you need structure

I am aware that I have some degree of following in places which tolerate softcore bigotry (by which I mean the normalization of "harmless" bigoted in-jokes and satire), and that many of those places sometimes think of me as one of their own, someone who "gets it".

I want to re-iterate that I don't find those communities and those behaviors acceptable, and I think they often represent the first in a series of dominos which can develop people into really hateful ideologies and tragic behaviors.

Don't forget that I am a staunch leftist, anti-capitalist, and devout participant in free and open software and culture. Think critically about what that actually represents before using me to reinforce the cognative biases of your in-group.

If that gives you pause, you might want to critically re-evaluate the values that your community is exposing you to, and consider if you should be being exposed to something healthier.

Thanks. I'm always here to listen to you in my DMs.

If you were making a map of #map of North Ameriuca (MX+US+CA), what Spatial Reference System would you use?
I'd like 'equal area', but mostly something that 'looks good'

No in person () this year.
CCC is where they need to put up signs about the "6-2-1 rule" ( events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wi ). "Every day please sleep 6 hours, eat twice & shower once"
Cause you get pile of hackers together, lotsa caffeinated drinks...
No surprise it can't happen in /#Covid-19 time..

The 14th Annual General Meeting of the #OpenStreetMap Foundation will be held online on Saturday, 12 December 2020 at 16:00 UTC.

#xp #OSM #OSMF

@uint8_t @s0 yeah... and even now, phones have switched to USBC, so you gotta buy new charger cables now...

Someone made a recursive relation in #OpenStreetMap which broke our Nominatim servers. Hilariously, it was in Chernobyl.
Here's how to fix lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm
#xp #OSM

@uint8_t @s0 While making things expensive will drive customers to demanding such repirability, I wonder if just passing a effing law requiring it would work too! We gotta make things more green & environmentally friendly again, so laws like that would make sense.

@emacsen I am interactively trying to find good parameters for my maps, so I'm often tweaking a param here and there.

@emacsen By keeping in filename, I can utilize make's feature of "file A depends on file B, which already exists"

e.g. project shapefile A into srs S producing file A_srsS.shp. Render shapfile F.shp with resolution R to produce F_resR.tiff. Then A.shp โ†’ A_srsS,shp โ†’ A_srsS_resR.tiff.

If I change R, then A_srsS.shp can still be used.

lol, one problem with my "using Makefiles to process data, and keeping parameters in the filenameโ€ is that now my filenames are too long! ๐Ÿ˜›

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