@ghost_bird That's a good summary & philosophy. But if there's an employee who is promoting the business/company, what happens then? The person is a worker, not an owner. Would it be OK to be rude to them?

Perhaps if a space takes an explicit "anti-neo-liberal capitalism" approach, or defines itself as a "safe space for anti-capitalists", that could allow one to be rude.

An easier rule could be "We are not all capitalists here, so maybe don't repeadily promote & advocate for that. Please don't mention it, or corporations." Kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" for corporations/employees?

"Be nice/welcoming/friendly" is decent advice in general, and many communities have a history of being (too) combatative (to put it mildly!)

Can that rule work with "professional"/corporates/capitalism? How can it work?

If people very closely identify with their corporate employer, doesn't that make it difficult to criticize that corporation? Especially in an event/space which has a "be friendly/welcoming" ?

Bigots sometimes want (and get ๐Ÿ˜”) laws requiring all positive mentions of some marginalized attribute to always come with "alternatives", like for balance.

Imagine if we let corporate advocates into our spaces, but we required them to always mention alternatives to capitalism!

@bobstechsite I will never understand Irish people who are anti immigrant like that especially those who actually emigrated. Of all the people you'd expect to have some sympathy!

@bobstechsite hehe family politics! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it can be annoying.

I think in Ireland you can request any birth cert, if you go into the office. So you might be able to do it on the sly yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@bobstechsite I mean, I don't want to be telling you how to live your life, and your family, and you probably have looked into this more than me.

But a part of me wants to help people being screwed by

@bobstechsite aaaah, but does she need to get an Irish passport for *you* to get an Irish passport? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you can do it on your own ๐Ÿ˜‰

@bobstechsite Though there's a current court case from a woman in NI exposing some weirdness in UK nationality law. non-UK EU citizens in UK have more/better immigration rights than UK citizens when it comes to bringing a non-EU spouse over. (Well for the next ~35 days). An Irish woman from NI is claiming she's Irish, and not British, as the GFA allows, and hence for UK immigration law she should get better rights. The UK doesn't want to do that.


@bobstechsite huh. sucks. I suppose Irish vs British often didn't have big practical differences, but with now there is.

That blog post is interesting, I vaguely know it was complicated. You mention "the law", do you just mean British law? (That blog post only talks about UK law (and ung says "Eire". dead give away)). Because Ireland *is* a separate country (๐Ÿ˜‰) with it's own laws. I can totally imagine Ireland saying "Well these are our laws, here's your passport"

@bobstechsite I know there is something special w.r.t. UK citizenship pre-1949.

But Irish citizenship is legally available to anyone with at least one grandparent born on the island of Ireland. So I'd be very surprised that she (or you!) couldn't get an Irish/EU passport..... Might be worth looking at again..


@radikalgrafitio I'm saying they are good ones, and they are likely to point out the flaws of the British Empire (as much as they'd be allowed)

This is only one anecdote I heard of one English history teacher, who was not afraid to blame the British establishment. I suspect most teachers aren't like that (that's how we're in this mess in the first place!)

RT @Kevind04@twitter.com: AMERICAN PODCASTERS DOING AN AD: This will 100% revolutionise your life. I've never felt more strongly about anything. Ever.

BRITISH OR IRISH PODCASTERS DOING AN AD: Sorry we have to do this. I'm sorry. It's probably a bad product. Forget about it. Sorry.


@bob If you're talking to people and it's a small company, you literally are part of a group of people doing a thing. "we" makes perfect sense!

I feel that doesn't capture what I'm thinking of. As I said, I'm struggling to define what I'm thinking of. It also includes this enthuiastic promotion of the company (even at the start of the job)

@radikalgrafitio Yes, sorry I'm simplifying/lumping a lot of people together. "not a fan of thatcher" covered a while amount of political views.


@dgold Apple fans has always been a little more *ahem* enthusiastic about Apple TBF. But I do see similar things with customers of other products.

@radikalgrafitio @bob There almost certainly were liberal English teachers. I know someone who went to school in England in 1980s/90s, and learned all about The Troubles and how it was British fault.

It was teachers telling kids about LGBTQ issues which caused Thatcher to bring in Sec. 28.

Plenty of unionised teachers would not have liked the Tories' anti-union ideas.

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