Long time, and super active mapper Tshedy will spend next Friday on a 24 hr one woman #OpenStreetMap mapathon, to bring the map of #Lesotho to the next level of completeness.
An hour of your time mapping, or cheering on, can help.

@bob ung. The British were making jokes about "euro sausage" and "we can't call the British sausage sausage any more because of Brussels"... since a 1984 episode of Yes Minister.

Brexit was caused by more than just Facebook/Cambridge Alaytica

@lesbianhacker I dunno about what FF will do, but i think the spec is aware that browsers might want to always block pings

"For example, the user agent might wish to ignore any or all ping URLs in accordance with the user's expressed preferences."


So that's something.....

@lesbianhacker isn't the theory that a web browser should allow the user to turn the ping off? To just not send the ping?

"What you appear to be saying is that #OpenStreetMap doesnโ€™t provide motorist-centric features like โ€œreal-time traffic mapsโ€. As someone who thinks the world would be a whole bunch better if there were fewer cars, Iโ€™m good with that. "

proprietary centralized IM: you don't even need a tech person
matrix: you have to know a tech person
xmpp: you have to be a tech person

You're not better than anyone else.
And no-one else is better than you.

(a quote from Blindboy Boatclub)

@Wolf480pl @amiloradovsky @BartG95 Do you know about "moral rights"? It's kinda a part of copyright which is like that, untransferrable. It's got stronger protection in places like France IIRC.

@BartG95 Imagine if was used for privacy. Now-a-days a song you buy & download is locked with DRM. Imagine if your selfies (or nudes) were DRM locked. And the site/company/app you gave them to was legally required to follow the DRM restrictions you had put on the file.

Imagine if you could "revoke" all access to one particular photo you had taken!

I want to see a captcha where people have to type the text they see in images, but it's text like "Immigrants are human beings just like me", "The color of my skin does not make me better than other people", "LGBTQ+ people deserve all the rights that I have", etc.

Guys: โ€œWell you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, itโ€™s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.โ€

Also guys: โ€œElon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, heโ€™s such a genius, I love him.โ€

RT @openstreetmap
State of the Map 2020: The call for venues is now open! Assemble your team and propose your city as host for the next OpenStreetMap conference! blog.openstreetmap.org/2019/04

@jalcine I wonder is that like the "you don't hate technological improvements, you hate capitalism"?

If software is A/B tested in order to squeeze more money/engagement out of people, that's bad. If it's used to address UI mistakes, to fix common crashes, to find out what's popular/often used and hence focus effort there, that's good, right?

If you want to find a DIY/crafty way to do a thing, "arduino" is a useful term to add to your search engine. A web search for "embroidery machine arduino" got me exactly what I was looking for. ๐Ÿ™‚ "make your own embroidery machine" got lots of SEO type results ("make your photos into patterns for your embroidery machine" etc)

machines look cool, but appear to be really expensive (โ‚ฌ500). *But* apparently it's possible to turn a regular machine into one by making an little moving plate thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ So that's giving me ideas!

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