Success! If I plug a USB sound card into my 7th Gen , it activates Voice View and will read books to me with a robot voice. ๐Ÿ™‚
The kindle has the text to speech software installed, it's just not clearly displayed.

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Congratulations to our newly elected board members Tobias Knerr and Joost Schouppe! Also big thanks to Peter Barth and Martijn van Exel who are both stepping down after serving 3 years on the board.

@NerdResa @hko @rubah @cocoron I'm quite sure the politics played into a decision, but back in 2000, they weren't adding new top level domains at all really. It's only in 2011 that it was changed to have (basically) a free for all.

Mastodon is like the internet if the internet was run by people who thought the internet was a mistake

Can we please fast-forward to the world where people look at "the free market" the same way they do "the four humors"

To quote Blindboy, humans evolved needing to spend a certain amount of time staring into a fire

if youre wondering why capitalism seems to repeat its own mistakes over and over, its because the system is designed to insulate the terrible decision makers from the consequences of their terrible decisions

If I'm an admin/mod on a instance and a spammer signs up and spams, how do I delete that account from the instance? "Suspend" seems to be the only option....

The fact that memes are constantly produced without financial incentive serves to refute the revisionist myth that innovation only happens became of capitalism

The OSMF board has reviewed the complaint about #Crimea in #OpenStreetMap and decided to overrule the DWG. I am curious to read more (only a short announcement now), and curious what policy #OSM should use now for disputed areas/names.

@bob @xj9 @tursiops Thinking more, what if we looked at the problems centralization solves, and then solved them without centralization.

e.g. "Access from multiple devices", centralization solves this by making each device really a client of a central server. How do we do that with

"Backup" Data stored on one phone/computer is lost if that device is gone. Centralization solves this with central servers & VC paid sysadmins etc. Gotta make this easier for everyone.

@bob @tursiops

making non-centralized alternatives is a good, but, if they are going to persist, we need to consider how they can *become* centralized systems and find ways to engineer solutions that counter those tendencies.

m.s and pawoo are perfect examples of a weakness in the federated model we have here. same as email or xmpp. unless we are careful we could fall into the same trap.

@steko I presume its unintentional. I suspect it's not a term in USA, where so much software comes from. Even the UK has TV shows with (the longer form of) that in the title, so that sort of language is (alas) more acceptable than it should be even in UK

The fact that my roboreader is Scottish is good. Some American or posho English accent come with cultural baggage which adds a negative layer. But RoboScot is OK. ๐Ÿ˜€

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