@qeef yeah I know about hugo. I have a vague idea that there might be more plugins etc for ikiwiki than hugo....hmnmm thought it might be more modern.... ๐Ÿค”

I need to upgrade my website. I've ignored it for years. Plus I need to _actually_ blog.

Maybe I should just use ikiwiki rather than try to waste time building my own tool.

Is there any easy way to share access to a Mastodon account between many people? On twitter you can do this with tweet deck. It's helpful if your organisation has an account, and you want many people to be able to post to it, but don't want them to be able to lock everyone out

I have to download some data, and do various processing on it. One after the other. `make` / Makefiles might actually be an answer

Say what you about the English, but I really do love that strong hard cheddar they make. nom nom nom

@emacsen correct. Old fashioned plain text files. I wanna write multiple languages in my readme.txt (or readme.md)

Is there any 'standard'/'convention' for writing plain text in many languages? Interleaving the different languages somehow?

I've been on a big kick lately. I do like books on my ereader, but with a podcast, I don't lose focus and stop reading. When I'm feeling down & low, I put on a podcast, and it stops me from thinking negative thoughts.

On mastodon, is it possible to make polls that only users of your instance can vote on?

Twitter is the worst instance, Iโ€™m so glad we all decided not to federate with it

Personally, I don't think a blanket โ€œno personal attacksโ€ rule is good. If someone's arguing in bad faith, or has a real motive, then it's OK to bring it up IMO

(I'm totes in favor of a โ€œno homophobiaโ€ (etc) rule obviously. I'm just musing & thinking out loud)

Aren't there topics which are _inherently_ personal? Does that mean that a โ€œno personal attacksโ€/โ€œno ad hominum argumentsโ€ rule requires some topics to be not discussed?

Ad Hominimum attacks are often bad. However some bigots say they are fine with gay people, they just hate that โ€œlifestyle choiceโ€ (โ€œhate the sin, love the sinnerโ€), and that feels like the same argument?

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