`anglosaxon`: new cli tool to convert large XML files into custom text formats based on the command line flags you give it. No coding needed
New tool from me, and designed to handle the 40+GB XML files we use in

Where are the anarchist hackers in the Global South? Where are the free software fans there? In Africa, in India, in South America? I wanna talk to them about maps and

Periodic reminder @rory is me. It's my Mapstodon account for my tooting. Toot toot, map map!

A new mastodon instance for the (english speaking) community! It's under construction, but might be a nice place for people!

A mirror of the OSM twitter account: @openstreetmap


I am loving , the editor. I always thought it was cool, but I've used it heavily over the last few days. I think it's part of the future of . It's how we can beat Google

Nearly every time I go away, I do something to change my password or credentials. And forget to update the apps on my phone. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Which makes mapping on the go hard....
Password reset ahoy

I wonder... Would mapping in what restautants/cafes/libraries/etc have free WiFi help people? If you can't afford/get Internet at home, then you'd use public WiFi, right? So adding that detail to would help people?

This is cool. The community have their videos on their own instance! Community owned, less centralized systems!

Rats! Lost my editing streak! I just realised I forgot to make any edits yesterday. Oops.

I've been using for mapping on the go the Art few days. It's great how you can configure for fast adding custom PoIs, and you can download, and work on, a large area for regular map usage! Some bits can be a little fiddly.

I've been doing some traditional mapping. Going around a city on my bicycle, surveying things, with a goal in mind. "OK, I've recorded that, time to head off and go here next". It's quite fun. 🙂

New discussion in the mailing lists: How do you mapping toilets in ? The existing unisex tag is a little weird. Let's try to clear this up! lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

Ireland are having an OGM in , a in Dublin. Want to find out about the ongoing process of setting up a legal entity for Ireland, come along!

Long time mapper @gregorymarler@twitter.com makes videos while surveying ("OSM Diaries"). It's great to see the bread and butter of local mapping. The sort of every day contributions anyone can do by just walking around an area youtube.com/channel/UCOzESllbu

Look at the tagging mailing list.
See a 38 post thread about tagging special flower beds.
Oh , never change.

Interested in mapping things in traditionally under mapped? Some of us are gonna focusing on one thing per quarter and improving that. We're collecting ideas & making a poll on what to focus on first. Everyone welcome to take part.


I've been using (and partially ) on my phone to contribute to while walking around a town. I'm to used to armchair mapping! It's easy to forget that actual surveying can get things you can't get on aerial. Especially for PoIs like shops etc


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