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Few weeks ago I spent a very enjoyable evening in one of this hot tubs in Medieval themed Christmas Market, while the staff brought me hot mead. It was amazing.

Makin some mince pies, a traditional Christmas treat in Ireland.
Heute mach ich Mincepies, eine typische irische Weihnachtskuche

It's a pub with a big no smoking sign, and ashtrays on the tables (and people smoking). Something tells me people in Kosovo aren't as big in rules and people in Germany...

Ireland Simpsons Fans is still one of the best meme pages.
bag of cans,
bash the tans,
support the trans

Pride! ๐Ÿ™‚ Friday 14:00 at Fairy Dust (the rocket ๐Ÿš€). Make up @ 13:00 QueerFeministGeeks village
(pls boost)

Accidental automatic reference to concentration camp 

Ummmm, no Facebook, that's not quite right....

Every time I go to an event like I love seeing the cool projects. Someone made this cube with LEDs and one way mirrors and I want to make one!

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