My new keyboard has an emoji button, and now I have to figure out how to use it. 🙂
Meine neue Tastatur hat eine Emoji-Knopf, und jetzt muss ich ausfinden, wie man es nutzen kann. 🙂

I got some food colouring, so I could make some more interesting biscuits. 😋🏳️‍🌈
Ich hab Lebensmittelfarbe, das heiß ich kann interessanter Kekse backen! 😋🏳️‍🌈

40km cycle around Karlsruhe on the NatuRADtour
40km Fahrradtour rund um Karlsruhe am NatuRADtour

[EN] Once again, a bird built a nest in my .
[DE] Noch mal, ein Vogel hat ein Vogelnest in mein gebaut.


In you can walk up to a ditch alongside the president’s house, in a big park, and you might see him walk his which are half the size of him

with my niece after chatting as gaeilge and keeping the social distance 😍

Went for a . It was supposed to be the start of the cycle season in a club I'm in, but everything's cancelled. Here's some photos of lakes and the Rhine

I had some tasty homemade Käsespätzle and beer a few days ago. 😋 🍻
Neulich, habe ich sehr leckeres hausgemachtes Käsespätzle und Bier aus der Region. 😋 🍻

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