I know that Mastodon doesn't have “quote-toots” like Twitter, and I understand how it makes some things worse. But I do think sometimes it's good. If someone posts something, and I want to boost that to my followers, it can be nice when I can give a comment or explanation.

@ebel yeah there are definitely posts I don't boost because I want to add to it like a QT or even like I use tags on Tumblr!

@ebel yeah this is where I end up taking screenshots, which also works for dunking. ;)

@brion eeeeh, but that's bad too. For accessibility. And harder for my followers to boost the original post.

@ebel yep ;_;

best case: screenshot, copy-paste the text into the alt text for the image, and also paste in the link on the main message so it can be followed

all of which has to be done manually instead of by clicking a single button

@ebel I also want to QT my own jokes to complain nobody likes them as much as I do.

@ebel Mastodon does conveniently provide a show thread link

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