I wonder what, if anything, Brehon Law (early Irish law) said about queer/trans*/LGBTQ topics? 🤔

@ebel I don't know of anything in the laws themselves, but a couple years ago this 12th century story about a woman getting pregnant after having sex with a woman who had just had sex with a man was doing the rounds

@soilseacht @ebel "The tumbling."

That is the *only* way I'm referring to sex from now on.

@soilseacht @transponderings @ebel Definitely.

That's why I avoid it most of the time. You never know where other people have been.

@ebel I don't think the Brehon Law had much to say, but the literature seems to have had some stuff, and there's a growing movement of queer readings of literature too which is fun. There's a course I have my eye which covers this topic

@chebe plenty of contemporary European rules & laws *did* have something to say about That Sort Of Thing.

So saying nothing is.... very interesting...

@ebel I'm no expert, but as far as I recall it's mostly about honour prices in the event of harm done to another, and in that regard is already problematic

@chebe oh yeah, I knew it was a hierarchical, and non-egalitarian society.

But if it's not terrible bad on LGBTQ+ issues... well that's something nice?

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