While I loved the first few episodes of First Kill, and love the concept, I did find the quality went a bit downhill. I'll stan any queer representation either way, but eeeh....

Personally I was unsatisfied about the queer/sapphic aspect. It was great, but I felt like they didn't do anything with it.

OTOH I absolutely do not believe cishet writers/producers, or a cishet company, could ever make an accurate portayal of that. (I'm not even sure what *I* would do) So probably best that aspect was ignored.

But we need more, sapphic & queer content. They are/were such a cute couple, and had so many cute lovely scenes. It's imperfections don't mean it shouldn't exist!

Sturgeon's law tells us that “90% of everything is crap”, that so much art & TC shows in a niche will be .... eh. But we still make them

Ah well, corporate America will tease us with the queer relationships, and then cancel things.

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