Is there a name for phenomena where people are more likely to complain about something, than to praise it?

Likewise, how it's easier to describe the flaws of something, than to describe it's benefits/advantages?

Often, IME, there's more criticisms of a thing, than praises of a thing.

Personally, I find it easier to describe the flaws of a thing, than it's advantages (“Looks good” is only 2 words…).

@ebel @ebel In France we are taught in schools that criticizing something/someone, and finding flaws into what they produce is the proper way to show interest.

When you are shown a drawing and you answer "that's nice", it shows a lack of attention to what you were provided.
For proving you actually cared and analysed it, you need to provide "constructive criticism" which is often something like : "I like it but I think you could improve it by modifying this specific area."

@ebel It could also be "I like it, and I'm really impressed by the way you married the colors of the background with the clothes of the foreground character" but people are rather negative in their critics (which join your initial comment: it's easier to criticize than praise!).

@ebel I'd say that's what being French is about :)

Jokes aside, in French contrary to English we have two words for defining someone emitting critics:
- critique: someone providing constructive criticism (such as movie critic)
- critiqueur: someone that likes blaming, criticizing, and censor others.

I've checked and both terms seems to be translated as "critic" in English although one source was mentioning "fault-finding" as potential translation.

@skenizen lol. “whinger” has part of that. It's someone who likes complaining and complains all the time

@ebel @skenizen

First I though that I have been spelling the word "whining" wrong this whole time. Though then I learnt that "whinging" and "whining" currently mean the same thing.

@ebel people tend to exaggerate the negative aspects of a situation (esp a disruptive one) however unconsciously, so that could play into being more likely to complain than to praise? Could also be an effect of groupthink if there are already many complaints being voiced abt something

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