There are several tools to compress & optimize images without losing details (e.g. `optipng`/`pngcrush`/`zopflipng`/`pngquant` for png images).

Is there anything for videos?

I don't want something too complicated, but I have a 4MB .mp4 meme, and I wanna make it smaller.

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potentially unhelpful, but I'm trying my best 

@ebel I don't think this is the question you want to ask. If your video exists, it has _already_ lost details. PNG is lossless. But almost all video formats are lossy, like how JPEG is lossy. Normally the information they lose does not affect how the eyes see the video, so it's okay to lose that detail to decrease file size.

ffmpeg can do this (decreasing filesize and losing minimal details), though I don't know which off the top of my head. You can re-encode to H265, which can do compression better, but it's not as widely supported as H264 (which is most videos you'll see in the wild).

I'd suggest using ffmpeg to encode to H264, and altering the quality parameter (_higher_ quality value is _less_ detail, _smaller_ file size). You'll find that there are quality values that reduce the file size while not visibly affecting the detail level. Once you find a value you like, you can put it into a script or shell alias, and never have to think about video encoding again.

potentially unhelpful, but I'm trying my best 

@cadence I know the idea of lossless vs lossy. I am OK with losing some data. πŸ˜‚ I just want a command witha single value I can tune to make the file smaller (either lossy or lossless) so I can reduce a video

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