Hmmm. Still waiting for my . Their email said it expects to ship in the next week. But I want my new toy! ๐Ÿ™‚

@emacsen I was the free software, but TBH I still want to install Facebook & Twitter on my phone... ๐Ÿ˜‚

@ebel @emacsen after spending hours changing the screen on my phone, I 100% recommend a fairphone. You can repair it with just a phillips screwdriver.

@ebel @emacsen

The alternative would be /e/OS. They partner with fairphone so it's maintained and easy to install

@ijyx @ebel

I have an unaired episode of @librelounge about /e/. It was not easy to install but if it came on a phone pre-installed, it would be worth checking out.

You will still need to find a way to sideload apps from the Google Store, sadly.

@emacsen @ebel @librelounge Hold on, did you do it using the Easy Installer?

That's the main reason I would want that phone lol. How difficult was it?

@ijyx @ebel @librelounge

I've since installed Graphene on a Google phone and it was "OK". Mot trivial to do but easy enough.

You use the new GrapheneOS web installer?
Apparently even works from a chromium based browser on another phone! @ijyx @ebel @librelounge

@ebel there are free facebook and twitter clients in F-Droid (Frost, Twidere), and/or you could use Webapps (also in F-Droid) or Bromite/Fennec to just create 'apps' for these connecting to the mobile versions of those websites.


@emacsomancer @emacsen there will, almost certainly be other propertary apps that I will want to use. Like fastmail, irccloud, discord,

@ebel Maybe look into MicroG. Lets you use apps requiring Google Play Services without having to have Google Play Services installed. The only things which don't seem to work are actual Google-branded things like Google Maps, but Discord etc. work fine.

@ebel There's now Twidere X which works again, but I actually just prefer using the regular mobile version of Twitter as a webapp anyway.

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