This too was inspired by `uniname(1)`, which hasn't been updated in years, so can't recognise many new unicode characters like emojis.

@ebel Thank you! I regularly have to check strings for hidden/invisible/tricksy characters and this should be able to retire the 30 adhoc slightly different scripts littered all over my filesystem that evolved to do something similar.

@ebel Now installed on debian.

Had to install rust first. Used this approarch with the rust script run under my own user.

But it looks like debian has native rust with an active community so maybe using stuff from there would have been a better approach...?

@ebel google led me to the page I referenced, for installing rust, to get cargo.

But I think I maybe could have done "apt install cargo" or "apt install rust" or something instead...?

@steinarb sorry yes, you need to do that curl rustup | sh thing, Then you can do `cargo install uniwhat`. I don't know if there's an easier debian way

@ebel very cool, bookmarked. i remember multiple occasions in the past years where this would have been super useful!

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