lol, one problem with my "using Makefiles to process data, and keeping parameters in the filename” is that now my filenames are too long! 😛

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@ebel Keeping parameters in the filename?

Wouldn't it make more sense to keep parameters in a secondary file that can be overridden by environment variables?

@emacsen By keeping in filename, I can utilize make's feature of "file A depends on file B, which already exists"

e.g. project shapefile A into srs S producing file A_srsS.shp. Render shapfile F.shp with resolution R to produce F_resR.tiff. Then A.shp → A_srsS,shp → A_srsS_resR.tiff.

If I change R, then A_srsS.shp can still be used.

@emacsen I am interactively trying to find good parameters for my maps, so I'm often tweaking a param here and there.

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