maybe I should treat myself to a Fairphone at some point? I do need a new phone...


something more “open” & “ethical” could be nice

I can only recommend it. I just joined the Fairphone bandwagon last November, but it has been awesome so far.

@maltimore What's the software like on it? It's standard Open Source Android, right?

@ebel I'm not sure to be honest (whether it's completely unmodified open source android).

@maltimore haha. Well I've never run just the FLOSS Android, and I would install many proprietary apps. I'm just curious if, software wise, it's OK or rubbish.

@ebel @maltimore Fairphone runs Android, as this page states, for example:

In what concerns openness and ethicality, I plan to treat myself to a Pinephone:

The goal of the project is to build a phone with a relatively open architecture, really capable of running Linux, and not limited to running Android.
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