@loke like literally just ssh in & type? Or is that the name of software (if so, got a link)? Cause I really really want the automation and to not have to do it all manually (again).

@ebel Basically, I was referring to how I do these things. I write a script that performs the operations I want, and then just execute it remotely using ssh.

I felt that using things like ansible requires a lot of extra infrastructure and and lot of work to make sure that the systems are kept in a state where the tools will still work.

You experience may be different of course, but to me, it has worked really well. Then again, I haven't really managed a set of more than about 20 machines this way.

@loke I like that ansible is just “ssh into the machine and run things”, so I don't need a server (like chef, which we used to use). I used to do everything manually, but it just doesn't scale well. Automation & being able to keep track of things in VCS (git) is what I need.

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