Is there any way for a group of people to manage a fediverse/Mastodon account? A “Group Mastodon Account” facility? So many people can tweet from one account?

@ebel there are APIs for all the actions and good authorisation, you can authorise multiple posting clients without them having to know the account password, so that’s kind of hackily similar?

@s0 Oh yeah, I'm sure it's possible at an API level. And I suppose someone would have to build a service to do that. I'm doing a “Dear Lazy Web…” before I try to write my own serive 😛

No point reinventing the wheel! 🙂

@starfall well OK, but that doesn't work if I have a mastodon account, right?

@starfall @ebel nah, friendica is a different instance software. if you're looking for something specifically to add this to mastodon, i don't know if anything like that exists
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