I was going to say β€œhow long before LE is sold?”, but the passive voice hides that someone owns , someone can make the decision to sell it....

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@ebel It's a non-profit sponsored by all the major internet companies. One can not sell it.

@neothefox I was vaguelly aware that it was non-profit. But they can still sell the domain name, right? The trademark, right? The software?

Sure the law, *now* might say that it can't be """"sold"""". But, heck laws can be ignored....

@ebel nonprofits don't just get to sell their stuff, also they were created not just because someone felt like it, but because having HTTPS on every websites massively benefits companies that sponsor them. They don't want any data to go to the ISPs, they want it all for themselves. The special interest groups would not let this thing go away anytime soon, and frankly if it ever does anything shade Mozilla and Google would just pull their root CA.

@ebel I don't know if anyone owns it specifically. It's a non-profit. More likely is that its backers could reduce funding or pull out, perhaps as a result of a severe recession/depression. If that happened then a lot of the clearnet goes down.

We do need to have a plan B for if something bad happens to LetsEncrypt.

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