Whenever I have to use software, I see the benefits of 's staticly checked typed.

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@ebel The creator of Node also thinks it was a mistake, and that Deno is what Node should have been. TypeScript is the preferred language for Deno, and scripts are executed in a sandbox by default. Deno itself is written in Rust.

@mmstick well that's all well and good. Alas I still have to deal with this piece of software written in node

Pray for me

@mmstick @ebel but deno is missing one of the most important features of a modern programming environment: a package manager. Also, the project authors seem not to be interested in introducing a package manager. They seem to target dependency management as known from <go-1.11 (before go mod). And even now the deno ecosystem is starting to fragment as community package managers are arising. History repeats itself as previously seen in golang...

@fin_ger @ebel

That's certainly true. It is the one thing which I dislike about it. However, it's not a problem which can't be fixed.

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