Twitter (and Facebook) have "the algorithm", and many mastodon/fediverse clients just show a chronological list. Is there any fediverse/masto client which has nonchronoligical display, but one that's under the users control?

"reverse chronological display" and "what a VC funded, growth obsessed, closed, proprietary, secret company decide" are not the only two options

On the fediverse, it can be hard to follow when someone posts a thread. You read it in reverse order, which is hard to read

@ebel It's still technically chronological, but some platforms (like Friendica) put posts into your feed based on the most recent reply, meaning that the top level posts are out of chronological order.

This is not user-configurable afaik

@ebel Yeah, I've been wanting threads to collapse and clearly state that they are threads... kinda similar to how Twitter does (did?) it, except without the rest of the re-ordered feeds.

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