Is there any simple command line caching software I can run?

I'm testing a script, and I'd rather not constantly hit the API endpoint, but I don't want to put caching in my software yet. I'd like a FLOSS tools which runs in the foreground in my terminal, proxies HTTP & obeys the HTTP caching values (or aggressively caches everything). There's loads of ”serve this directory over HTTP” (e.g. `python -m SimpleHTTPServer`). Is there anything for HTTP caching?


I'm writing this software in with reqwest. I wonder is there a caching wrapper for that?

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@ebel I'm working on such a thing right now for [async-fetcher]. I haven't released it yet, but there will be a `fetcher` CLI binary based on this that receives URLs from standard input, and gives back stats on its fetching on standard output. It won't fetch files which it has already downloaded, and it will support validating checksums.

I will personally be using this in Pop!_OS for fetching debian packages and source lists from apt repositories.


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