Looks like Stack Exchange (parent of Stack Overflow) is having a bit of a shit show where lots of volunteer mods are quitting because they might require people to use people's (preferred) pronouns πŸ™„

The generic thread about mods quitting, but keeping it at the general, non-specific β€œthought crime”, β€œnewly required positive actions which I don't agree with” πŸ™„

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Here's a mod from the Christianity Stack Exchange quitting, and literally saying it's cause of pronouns!

> In light of what we went through just to open this site, the touch-stone issue is almost comical. Pronouns. No seriously, pronouns.


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Here's one mod quitting, by feeling like they were pushed out for their queerness, saying SE is not a welcoming and inclusive space. Powerful letter IMO πŸ‘


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β€œIf someone tells you their pronouns, even if it's singular they, should you be required to use those?” could be a good quick litmus test to find the bigots, even those who claim to be liberal or centerist.

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