The default branch is called `master`. What're people using as a better replacement?

Funny is good, but not too silly, has to be sorta profesh.

Thanks for all your suggestions! Most people suggest using β€œmain” instead of β€œmaster” for the default branch name. I'll start doing that, and try to unlearn a lot of muscle memory. πŸ˜›

lol, using β€œhead” as a git branch name instead of β€œmaster” would be funny

@ebel latest is what we use at my work because we have a rolling release model, but idk what's wrong with master as in

@xj9 `master` is a sorta gendered term, plus it sounds a little like "master & slave" (I don't use those terms in database replication).

I know it probably doesn't come from that sort of terms, but I'd like to reduce these sort of terms

@ebel I mean Dom and Sub make way more sense for databases, but idk how an audio track can have a gender

@algernon I sometimes use `upstream` as a name for the upstream remote. Or as a (local) branch that tracks `upstream/master`.

`upstream` feels different from `master`.

@ebel I guess it depends on how you look at it. Since git is supposed to be distributed, I name the remote after the place I cloned it from (organization, user, umbrella project, whatever), which frees up "upstream" for the branch I submit patches / pull requests to.

In other words, "master" is something you clone and branch from, "upstream" is something you submit and push to. At least in my interpretation.

You're right though, it _is_ different, I just don't find that to be an issue O:)

@algernon When I fork a project, the `upstream` repository is just that, the upstream repo. :)

@ebel There's sometimes a difference between main/master and stable, in that stable is meant for numbered releases that have undergone user testing, whereas main is where features get merged
Your usage might vary, especially if you use tags to signal stable (as in please use this one in production) versions

@gaeel yes, that's how I'd read/understand the terms.

I mostly mean β€œI like the idea of having a branch that's always the latest stable so people can check that out”

@ebel Main or Mainline branch is a better replacement.

@ebel For networking stuff instead of master/slave I've used leader/follower.

and now I'm wondering if we can change male and female gendered cables with "inny" and "outy"

@ebel How can we configure git to do this by default in future repositories?

@ebel "main" largely because I use abbreviations as cli aliases so I use gmum as "git merge upstream master/main" depending on whether I'm at my work computer or working on my own projects
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