"I know I'll just write a quick programme to proxy my http connections and add the header that I want".

Oh cripes, I forgot hyper's now gone weird with Futures and the like.


I'm going to have to learn how 's futures & async works at some point.

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@ebel As long as you're using the async/await syntax, it's virtually no different that sync code.

You await on async functions, within an async function, with the `await` postfix after the function call. Async functions return futures which you provide to a runtime for execution in non-async functions.

It's a good idea to check out the async-std and runtime crates.

@mmstick yeah, I kinda get that it's supposed to be as easy to use. I've just never used it. I'd like to try to *grok* it. "Fearless concurrency" is supposed to be an advantage, and I'd like to keep up to date

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