OK beginner question, what the "opposite" of ?

As in someone who has a sexuality? (is that even the right term?) I know very little of , apologies if I'm butchering terms.

@ebel often allosexual is used for someone who doesn't experience asexuality, I've also seen zedsexual

@ebel if you are looking for words for people outside the asexual spectrum, those are allosexual and zedsexual (there are also a bunch of others but allo is more common).

If you are looking for a specific identity that means "I'm not asexual but I don't want to specify which gender(s) I'm attracted to", that would be comsexual.


Please also note:

1) There are asexual people who experience some sexual attraction (see: demisexual, fraysexual, graysexual, etc.);

2) Saying asexuality is not an orientation/a sexuality because of the lack of attraction has a lot of negative connotations attached to it (such as when people demand aces to disclose their "real orientations" since asexual is "just a modifier" for them), so I suggest avoiding it!

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