Is there anywhere selling pre-made for conferences?

The little ones that say “he”/“she”/“they”/“ask me“ (or whatever) that a techy conferences/events can leave out for people to use. I'd need a few hundred. (feel free to boost)

@ebel I believe Whosyercon had little ribbons with these... Possibly not close enough to what you're looking for, but it's at least close.


I don't know anyone personally, but these
can be bought easily
(maybe there is a cheaper platform, but I like them more than prearranged since my pronouns tend to not be included)

@Mous oh cute! 😁

But I'm looking for temporary, small sticky ones, cause I'd need about ~200, and something that could be stuck on a lanyard. Sorry.

(But good luck with the art & shop!)

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