Looks something's happening in w.r.t. banning a prolific contributor, things, issues about “civility” “harassment”, community control, centralization, power dynamics, “corporatisation”.

I don't really know a lot about this (or WP). Anyone know anything?

I am totally in favour of 's and improving tech's/open cultures v bad homogenity.

I'm also concerned about forcing everyone to be “civil”, and to speak in american corporate speak, and of non-democratic bodies controlling everything.

So 🤷

@ebel but a good CoC shouldn’t force people to be us-variant-civil. That usually just means centering white American privilege.
@ebel oh, and Fram is a complete arsehole, it doesn’t surprise me at all that a load of the “best” wiki people are screaming about Fram getting suspended.

@dgold it can be hard to convince americans or american corps of that...

Some CoC (e.g. ), specifically say “communicating in a tone you don't like” isn't automatically actionable. I wonder if CoC should have “We recognise that US corporate culture has a definition of “civility” which doesn't apply everywhere, and we don't use here”.

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