Email has many flaws, but it's the last, strongest part of the non-centralised Internet we have left. We should promote and support it for that reason.

@ebel Curious to know what are those!

My only concern is that corporations suppressing the mail delivery from self-hosted email domains is sad.

@mysticmode yeah big corps like Google hindering email is a flaw. If more people self hosted, it could help stop the centralisation.

IMO flaws in email are: security (ha! What security), that it's hard/practically impossible to send large files, and most email clients being horrible (IMO). And spam of course (which is partially why we have centralisation)

@ebel Also with the right setup you can do email over onion addresses.

@bob @ebel oooh, TIL
how much of the security issues does that solve?

@grainloom @ebel It solves a bunch of them. There are no issues with STARTTLS or certificates. You don't need GPG. You get transport security and metadata defense. And you can still use your existing email clients. The down side is that not many MTAs are set up to handle onion addresses.
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