Any recommendations? I'm interested in (what I'll call) "progressive hacker" stuff. People who like free software and diversity. I don't want just corporate fanservice, or the same old boys club vibe of LUG. (I'm currently listening to @librelounge and

@ebel @librelounge
- Open Source Security Podcast.
- Hacker Public Radio
- Off The Hook/Wall (2600's radio show)
- Hackaday (Never listened, HW-hacking)
- Programming Throwdown
- BSD Now
- BSD Talk (dead, but good)
- Many of the Linux Podcasts (also active here and on Telegram).
- and many more!

@ebel @librelounge just for the halibut, have you tried mintCast? We're not your typical old boys network.

@ebel We don't just talk about Mint, in fact some episodes we barely mention it. It's all about open source.

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