@ebel I get the rational, but the rhythm of it sounds contrived and stilted to me. If we've got absolutely no better alternative, I'm in.

@byllgrim @ebel
What if I make a tool for automated censorship, and then release it under GPLv3? It would be free software, as in the software itself wouldn't be encumbered and you'd be free to do things with it. But would you call it freedom software, even though it's designed to help you destroy freedom?

@Wolf480pl @byllgrim well yes, it's not an ideal phrase.

But is calling that software "free software" any better?

@ebel @byllgrim
Calling it "free software", while confusing in some situations, is IMO more semantically correct.

The software is free, as in, it comes without certain restrictions attached.

@Wolf480pl @ebel I would like a term that is both semantically correct, sounds good and avoids the confusion with gratis.

@byllgrim @ebel
"wolne oprogramowanie" in Polish satisfies all 3.
But in English...
*mumbles something about eating cake and having cake*

@Wolf480pl @byllgrim @ebel On this issue, makes me wish English didn't end up being the global used on the Web.

In at least this one case almost any other language would be better.

@byllgrim @ebel Other versions are "liberty software", which I guess sounds just as stilted, but means the same thing; and "freed software", which at least rolls off the tongue better and is pretty close to the same meaning.

@ebel there's a similar problem in digital hardware: "ip core" is a shitty name.
I think #opencores proposed the name #gateware, but the naming situation is equally difficult to the "free software" case

@ebel Libre Software is already in use. Why should we add yet another term?

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