@tindall @garbados @dankwraith It's kinda funny that Google bans the WTFPL licence, for being vague.

So if you want a permissive licence and want to stop Google, you can do that.


@tindall @garbados @dankwraith I heard of one interesting approach: "Just don't specify the licence, never mention if it's FLOSS (or not)".

The logic being that corporations will be scared away from the vagueness, but regular people doing regular things might not care and use your source.

@ebel @tindall @dankwraith as i understand it, source is closed by default under US copyright, under reasoning like: no one is inherently entitled to a thing but its own maker. providing no license doesn’t meaningfully prevent corpers from using it, and creates a legal trap for everyone else (who are technically stealing it)

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