The FOSS world must understand “just install Linux” won’t cut it. We must make “the whole widget” as Jobs would say.

But don’t listen to me, let Stallman make the case:

Richard: I’ve never installed the GNU plus Linux system on a computer myself.

Me: Really?

Richard: I always found someone who knew how to do that. Got someone to do it for me.

Me: So it was so difficult that you have not installed…

Richard: No, it's just that I was so busy, I didn’t wanna learn how.

People do not “just install Linux” not because they’re too dumb or because they don’t care about their freedom or privacy but because they have brain surgery to perform in the morning and they have three kids. When people get a car, they expect to drive it, not to have to replace the engine.


@aral Have you heard of "free as in helicopter"?

Someone gives you a free helicopter. Awesome, right? But if you don't know how to fly a helicopter it's useles to you.

@ebel Haha, I hadn’t heard that one before. Might have to yoink it ;)

@ebel @aral I'd sell the chopter and prolly be set for life! :ablobsmile:

But yeah, nice analogy! :D

@ebel @aral @ebel @aral argh, I'd love to be given a free helicopter and I'd begin flight lessons in a millisecond.

If anybody is handing out free helicopters in southern europe drop me a line. 😃😃

Jk, I get your point entirely.

@ebel @aral Also, you probably now have to pay for maintenance and a place to put it while you're not flying it 🤷‍♂️

@amenthes @ebel @aral
...on top of the fuel and the licences for yourself, the machine and the place your're taking off from, all of which have to be renewed regularly ... learning to fly and getting a licence alone is expensive enough to buy a very indecent car, or 2-4 sensible ones.

@ebel @aral lol good one. And it applies to so many good softwares unfortunately.

@ebel @aral

Lol. I’m using “Free as in Helicopter” the next chance I get.

@ebel @aral You can pay someone else to drive it for you, you can rent it, you can sell it, you can learn to fly it avoiding rental cost, you can sell it in parts, you can pay/learn to modify and repair the engine, you can even crash it on purpose if you want. It depends on you, not the giver or the helicopter itself. You are, indeed, "free as in helicopter".

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