One of my bug bears: (FLOSS) software which sticks at 0.x version numbers for a long time, sometimes years! Once you have something that many people are using for real use, it's time for a 1.0 release. What are you waiting for?

@ebel Guilty as charged!

I've changed my mind, but until I make a major revision I don't feel justified changing the number. Thanks for reminding me I'm maybe silly.

@HerraBRE semver says that 0.x.y can change for any reason, that you shouldn't rely on anything. I think that's a good rule of thumb. If you think people can rely on some part of it changing, then maybe it's time for a major number release

@ebel The enlightenment window manager project is a classic case. Took about 15 years of active development to move from v0.16 to v0.17.

@johnribbon oh dear. Several years ago emacs just dropped the 0. from the front. Sounds like enlightenment should do that.

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