I have been using Linux exclusively for 10+ years.
Today I found out cat(1) can number lines with the `-n` flag.
`cat -n file.txt`

@TheEnbyperor @ebel I need to look into bat. I've been quite enjoying ripgrep at the moment

@grufwub @ebel I learnt about a whole load of these "alternative" tools in a lightning talk at PyConUK 2018. Possibly the best 6 mins ever

@TheEnbyperor @grufwub I like fd as a replacement for find.
aunpack (atool) is great for unzipping/etc. It does everything and ensures everything is in one directory.

@TheEnbyperor @grufwub htop is a better top.
pv isn't a replacement for anything, but it's good to have in your toolbox of pipeing/CLI tools.
most is a nicer pager (IMO) than less.

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