What's the state of the art with hosting? Do we have something to replace with yet? Where we can all self host, and yet keep a decent "social" interaction feature?

@amiloradovsky @ebel srht and gitlab aren't properly decentralized/federated yet.

I remember that there was an attempt at writing a activitypub based git system, but I can't find it anymore.

At least `git {format-patch | send-email | am}` is properly decentralized…

@amiloradovsky @ebel Yeah, but there's a quite a loss of functionality between that command and what git forges offer.

@ebel @amiloradovsky Yeah, that was it. Seems they changed their name so that's probably why I didn't find them.

I think the reason for the loss in interest was the progress made on, but I might be wrong.

@ebel I’ve been using gitea for my own githubbing replacement. Gitlab is an absolute monster in terms of resources, and I’m not entirely convinced of their ethics policy. Gitea is small, lightweight and trivial to setup, community fork of gogs.
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