I have lot of sympathy for Matt Slater's arguments for Protocol Cooperativism. This is essentially the songbook I was singing from, since the late 90s, and throughout my time working on the Aotearoa localizations of #Indymedia and #CreativeCommons. But in hindsight, those songs were naive. As Matt points out within his own essay, capitalists have already figured out ways to dominate open networks based on open protocols (eg Microsoft's "embrace, extend, extinguish"). Ownership matters.

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Have capitalists dominated the fediverse yet?


@bhaugen #SSB, like any distributed/ #P2P system, is perhaps more structurally resistant to capitalist domination than server-client systems based on publishing stuff to the web. But for many of the same reasons, it's much harder for Jo User to understand and use (and the #fediverse is already harder than #DataFarms). I mean, I haven't figured out how to install an SSB client myself yet ;-)


ActivityPub will be easier for people to get into than SSB.

But I'm not sure if and how "structurally resistant to capitalist domination" is possible.

Capitalist logic seeps into everything and tries to exploit it. I think the only reason the fediverse and SSB have not been taken over is there is no obvious way to make big money. Yet. If and when somebody finds a way, it will happen.

Culturally resistant might be better...but we'll see, I lost my prophet license last year....

> But I'm not sure if and how "structurally resistant to capitalist domination" is possible.

Can you name a distributed net technology that's been used by a corporation for #DataFarming in the same way server/client architectures like the web have? Capitalist domination requires some degree of centralization, so you erect tollgates. Pure #P2P networks treat tollgates as damage and route around them.


@strypey yes. But it's federated like how ActivityPub is. We need learn from email

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