What simple questions can you ask to see if someone is a bigot? eg "Are trans women women?".

I'll soon be able to ask candidates for an open source-y election. I can figure out LGBTQ issues, but I'd like help with other areas. Yes/no direct questions which cannot be weaseled around are best. Any suggestions?

What do you mean by an open source election?


If I understand correctly, you want to go on a fishing expedition.

That is against the law in every developed country I'm familiar with and in itself an example of lack of moral fibre, #bigotry, #intolerance and #immaturity. What anyone thinks is none of your business, it is only their actions that may be judged.

@61 I'm sorry, what? Asking candidates their opinions on topical issues is "against the law"? That's absurd.

A person's beliefs and opinions are useful for predicting their actions.

“Should autism be cured?”

“Should disabled people who are unable to ever work get benefits”

“Do you think the r word should be used in any circumstances?”
(As in the slur)

id say are good ones for disablity. Or at least a stating point :0

@Doggo Those are good ones thanks. I don't know much about disabilities (hello able-bodied privilege)

@ebel ah no problem!
Disablity is one of my special interests honestly, plus being a disabled so it’s stuff I know

‘Is a person in a wheelchair faking being disabled if they can stand/walk?’

(Some wheelchair users can stand, walking is just difficult/not long distance)

‘Is it acceptable to call someone wheelchair bound?’

(Answer being ‘no never’)

Not nessarly a bigot test, but a good way to gauge if they know generally about physical disability.
Idk if that’s too many suggestions now! XD

@Doggo I'd heard the "some people in wheelchairs can sometimes stand/walk" bit.

TBH I don't want to "catch people out", who don't know anything about disability (etc) activism. I want simple questions that can reveal if someone viewed that group as lesser or with distain.

@ebel fair enough tbh!
And yeah you wanted yes/no stuff abs my suggestions were off track for that tbh, sorry XP

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